Our commitment encompasses both economic and social sustainability and includes our factories, suppliers, and employees. It is part of our identity and clearly differentiates EA from the rest of the solar manufacturing industry.

Our corporate culture encourages employees to live and work sustainably. We provide opportunities for employees to get involved in local recycling programs reduce their workday commutes and support green initiatives in their communities.

Our sustainability efforts focus on three primary areas: energy conservation and climate protection, waste and air pollution reduction, and water conservation.

The details of our sustainability performance are part of EA’s Annual Group Report and describe how the sustainability principle is integrated into EA’s corporate strategy.

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Energy America plays an important role in setting new benchmarks for the global industry by fostering best practices, world-class quality standards, and sound policies. We are committed to providing clean, sustainable solutions throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle of our products. 

Continuous improvement


Energy America is an industry leader in sustainable business and manufacturing practices with a proven track record of excellence. Because we recognize there is always room to grow, we continue to research and develop more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of producing our solar panels. 

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Responsible third party reporting


It is EA's policy to be as open and transparent as possible around our processes. Working with accredited third-party partners to help us measure and confirm our performance on key metrics of sustainable manufacturing. These reports let us set goals, track our progress and stay accountable to our employees, communities, and customers.