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Solar Power Asset Management

Partners in long term performance


We provide stakeholders with a single point of contact for all desired investment-level services, such as solar investment fund analysis and calculations, regulatory and contractual compliance, as well as lessee- and plant-level services such as operating expense budgeting and payment, monthly and annual operating performance and maintenance reporting.

Our team will review your deal documents and prepare a custom package for you, leveraging our in-house legal, financial, investment management, environmental and analytical experience at a price point that your investment fund can afford.

• Sample Service Offerings
• Contract Administration and Compliance
• Cash Management Coordination
• Financial Reporting Preparation & Review
• PPA & Incentive Invoicing
• PPA & Incentive Rate Validation
• Annual Operating Budget Preparation
• Operating Expense Scheduling
• Quarterly Budget Variance Reporting
• Insurance Compliance Analysis
• Plant Revenue Reporting
• Regulatory Agency Reporting
• When Experience Matters


We have the experience required to deliver a scope that not only meets your contractual obligations but also delivers information at the perfect level of technical detail and operational granularity to meet your analytical and reporting needs.

Whether you seek a high-level summary of free cash flow and distributions or prefer to get into details such as whether you beat the budget because of property tax savings or all of the sunny days last month, we will ensure the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it.

EA Services continues to transform the financial characteristics of the solar industry by bringing more sustainable revenue streams to more customers across the country.