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Residential PV Systems

Save money now on your electric bill Save money now!

With the majority of global solar panel and component production shifted overseas, it has become increasingly challenging for solar customers to buy a 100% USA made home solar system. To address this challenge, EA has invested heavily in the production plants in USA, California to produce high end-high efficiency modules both poly and mono ranging from 100-460 watts (60&72 cell), with this commitment not only we support our clients in USA but around the globe with supply, design, and installation of premium grade modules above our client’s expectation.

Better Reliability, Stronger Guarantees

Vertically integrated supply chain management (SCM) enabling consistent high quality under stringent control Facilities and management system audited and approved by several quality-rating organizations Meticulous design and rigorous quality control Outstanding wind, gale, and snow load capability Designed and tested to withstands harsh environment Products verified and approved according to 20+ global quality standards 25-year workmanship warranty 25-year linear performance warranty Independent third-party performance insurance

Product & Solution Recommendations

EA produces a wide variety of PV modules ideally suited for all types of installations: residential, commercial, industrial, and utility. Except for ordinary silicon crystalline solar modules, like Mono 5-inch, 6 inches, and Poly 6-inch products, EA is capable of providing tailor-made solar modules backed by creative technologies, like anti-glare modules, anti-salt-mist modules, AC modules, cell optimizer modules etc. Backed by strong R&D capabilities and constant innovation practices, we provide stable, reliable, economical, and environmentally adaptable product solutions to satisfy the demands of customers around the globe.

Advantages. More Yield, More Returns.​


High conversion efficiency, up to 20.1% Positive power tolerance, up to 5W Excellent power output capability at low irradiance Excellent power output performance under a low light environment. Outstanding electricity generation performance in an environment with temperature fluctuations Outstanding environmental adaptability, free of potential induced degradation (PID) Proven top-ranking power output under a real installation environment, recognized by third-party institutions.

Residential Solar Partnership

Energy America’s Subsidiary American Sunergy which is in San Francisco teamed up with Solaria for residential and commercial projects across USA.

Please refer to American Sunergy website for detailed information regarding residential system solutions.