Quality By Energy America

EA power plants start adding value from the very start. The greater the quality and stability of a system, the more certain the expected yields. The following factors are relevant for reliable, high yields: the system components, the configuration, the construction, the financing and the right tools to cover risks.​

As a leading photovoltaic producer, EA draws on a strong wealth of expertise in the production of modules and cells. This affords you several advantages at once:

  • The component that is essential to achieving strong yields – the solar module – is engineered and finished within EA. Thanks to our technological know-how and cooperation with brand-name manufacturers of accessory components, we can configure the system ideally to provide the greatest possible efficiency.

  • EA manufactures its own modules. This means that key components are always available. In the event of technical problems, replacements can be found quickly. This in turn reduces complications for your facility and secures more reliable yields.

  • This outstanding technical availability makes it possible for EA to offer unusually transparent and economical operating and maintenance services. You select a service level and we operate your equipment, including for third-party business as well.

  • EA modules are among the most efficient and powerful modules on the market. With the EA Yield Security, they are also the most reliable. The uncompromising quality strategy significantly cuts the risks of module downtimes.