Completed Projects

Energy America was founded in California, USA in 2016. The firm initially focused on building projects across the nation. After several profitable and successful years in construction, the company was among the first who recognized the growing potential of renewable energy sources. Therefore, since 2016 we have directed our focus towards the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

However, our business scope has gradually evolved, and we now offer project design, finance, planning and O&M solutions worldwide.

Over the following years we built up a reputation as one of the world-leading manufactures & solar energy EPC contractors.

Most recently, the company focus is on development of our significant pipeline solar PV projects globally, as of 2019 Energy America formed separate entity for solar farm development and EPC works.



  • Australia


  • Tahiti



  • United States

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  • India

  • Mexico

  • Rwanda

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Projects Coming Soon


Energy America has a portfolio of upcoming projects in various areas around the globe, recently we have signed agreements for the development of solar farms ranging from 1-200MW in the following areas:

  • Jordan

  • Dubai

  • Belize

  • Africa

  • South Pacific

  • Australia

  • USA


These are just few of the farm developments that EA has decided to undertake, this shows our commitment to sustainable development.