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Partner Benefits


Sustainable Business Growth by Partnering with ET Solar


As the well-recognized solar smart energy solutions provider, EA firmly believes that sustainable business growth can be achieved only while all shareholders benefit from cooperation.

We offer a wide range of support, services, and programs benefiting our customers around the world. Both solar module customers, like installers, integrators, distributors, and EPC, and power plant partners, including developers, commercial users, utility companies, and investors, consistently benefit from EA comprehensive and benefit-rich partnership services.


Comprehensive Partnership Supports to Solar Module Business Partners Worldwide

Besides ordinary services, EA provides extensive and unique supports for worldwide strategic partners developed exclusively for long-term partnership enhancement and maintenance.

The win-win cooperation with partners worldwide is an essential part of our sustainable business growth.

Benefits-rich Partnership Services to Solar Project Business Partners Worldwide


We are devoted to providing optimized solar energy solutions to meet the needs of worldwide industrial, commercial, and utility partners.

We provide professional one-stop services that maximize value, mitigate risk, and optimize the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for project partners around the globe.

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Part of the exclusive services that we provide to partners and drive their business growth.


Strategic cooperation agreement and exclusive or non-exclusive cooperation rights authorization
– Special commercial support policy and arrangement
– Business co-development and co-marketing cooperation
– Enterprise resource sharing and data exchange
– Access to global customer leads
– Industry and investment consulting

– Market and product training service
– System design and engineering support
– Technical support platform sharing and data
– Marketing content development
– Marketing campaign planning
– Customer communication sponsorship
– Marketing materials development assistance
– Real-time production and logistics tracking service
– Exclusive service team assigned and 24/7 services
– Other necessary services as needed
*Available support and service will be provided after bilateral writing confirmation.

We have the experience required to deliver a scope that not only meets your contractual obligations but also delivers information at the perfect level of technical detail and operational granularity to meet your analytical and reporting needs.

Whether you seek a high-level summary of free cash flow and distributions or prefer to get into details such as whether you beat the budget because of property tax savings or all of the sunny days last month, we will ensure the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it.

EA Services continues to transform the financial characteristics of the solar industry by bringing more sustainable revenue streams to more customers across the country.