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Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Independent Solar Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance, and Asset Management.

Your PV solar system has been installed and is working at full capacity. Now, ensure that it stays that way. We understand the importance of maintaining large scale PV solar systems from an asset manager’s point of view.

With over a decade of operating and maintaining commercial and utility solar facilities, Blue EA’s service team proactively protects and maximizes our customers’ solar investments.


Solar Facility Longevity

Our solar PV systems are designed to provide 30 years of continuous operation, based on predicted return on investment. Thirty years is a long time, however, and you should expect some unexpected maintenance demands due to events such as severe weather, premature component failure, grid fluctuation, and rodent intrusion.

EA has been performing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) on commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems across the United States since 2003. Because every project and owner has its own unique needs, we optimize an asset management plan for each client.

Independent Commissioning, Benchmarking and Audits

Commissioning is a comprehensive verification process which helps ensure an installed project aligns to its engineering plans and energy predictions. Commissioning can be performed prior to commercial operation and at many stages during the long-term operations of the project.

We recommended all or portions of our commissioning process at regular intervals to ensure optimal system integrity for the solar energy facility’s lifespan.

Our PV system commissioning check-list and performance testing serve as an empirical benchmark for future diagnostics.

The level of rigor behind our system audits and inspections is unparalleled. Because we are an engineering (link to Design page) and construction (link to Build page) company first, we inspect the system from an engineer’s and contractor’s perspective.

Our solar commissioning services are recognized and appreciated by financing institutions, Independent Power Producers, and utility companies.


Our commercial and utility scale PV system commissioning activities include:

  • Complete record drawing plan review

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections

  • Site easement and roadway inspections

  • Current and Voltage (IV) curve tracing of all solar array strings

  • Open circuit and short circuit string testing

  • Torque checks on electrical connections and hardware

  • Thermal image scans

  • Visual inspection for proper installation, weathering and workmanship

  • Conductor integrity and identification

  • Inverter performance verification

  • Tracking system performance and calibration verification

  • Meter calibration and inspections

  • Full system performance testing

  • Warranty and performance guarantee reviews

  • Meteorological system testing, calibration and performance validation

  • Performance guarantee validation and long-term system testing