Structural changes in energy supply are in full swing and photovoltaic is playing a leading role in the future energy mix.

Power generation with solar power plants is more efficient than ever before. Solar power plants from EA are a sustainable investment with secure, long-term high returns, low maintenance costs and fast construction times.

Energy America is unique because of its proven track record of scalability and capital-efficient business model.


The Company's business and financial results in 2019 were one of the best in its history, with record-high sales of solar panels. In terms of shipments for the consecutive years in a row, providing not only earnings stability but also earnings growth. Each of its business segments delivered a strong performance, which shaped Energy America over the past years to derive a greater share of the market, sales, customers, and revenue from the relatively stable business.


These relatively stable factors enable Energy America to consistently rank as a solar industry leader. 

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Energy America, when it comes to fulfillment, our strength goes beyond as we stand behind our product, carefully selection of raw materials to R&D, efficiency and durability, we are financially strong. we strive on challenges, what why Energy America Solar Modules are carefully designed, our engineers are working towards technology evolution, this is a result of high-efficiency solar modules, At Energy America ,

EA offers you a single source for all development and project activities, from planning and design through to project construction and network connection as well as maintenance and care of complete solar power plants.

On request, we can take over all the crucial steps of project management for you, as a general contractor (EPC contractor), and stand as an experienced partner at your side through planning, component selection, and funding.



One of the most trusted brands you can count on to provide highest energy output.



Energy America has a strong line of customer base, a diversified market, and a solid track record. To date, the company has shipped more than 3 GW of its modules in the last 5 years to a more than a high percentage of customers in 50 countries.

In addition, Energy America enjoys a strong global network effect by offering integrated local services with the largest coverage of developers, distributors, dealers, and users.

Through a commitment to innovative research and development, Energy Ame

rica continues to set industry standards and benchmarks for performance and sustainability. We have been responsible for a number of global breakthroughs, having set records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output since 2015.


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Our customers depend heavily on our ability to deliver products with a short lead time. Energy America's production time is one of the most competitive compared to peers in the solar PV industry. All our smart factories continue to break cycle time records, thanks to integrated planning systems and a high degree of automation.

Energy America has a proven record of providing customers with consistent on-time delivery. It has re-engineered its demand fulfillment system and has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing planning and dispatching system that further enhances the accuracy of deliveries. Energy America's demand for accuracy requires that deliveries are neither too late nor too early, as both could possibly affect customers’ project deployment.

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