Energy America LLC, USA-based solar module manufacturer.

As a solar panels manufacturer & EPC contractor, we are on a mission: we want to build trust in solar energy. We want to live sustainably. We want to fight climate change. We want to start today. And we want to show you how you can be part of the solution. Join us in a journey to change the world.

Every day, EA is at work for customers all over the world. Long-term reliability and quality have been at the core of our mission from the start. In fact, EA solar modules tested in real-world use have shown minimal power degradation even after more than 30 years of continuous operation.

As global energy consumption increases, and people in remote areas still live with no access to electricity, EA views solar as crucial for the future of our society.

To bring its potential to everyone, we continue to invest and innovate at full speed. Here are just some of our many advantages.

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