Finance Solutions

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Whether you have tax appetite and prefer a cash deal or you want to leverage a zero-down power purchase agreement, EA will work with you to maximize your finance goals.

We have an in-house team ready to guide you through the cash flow analysis and weigh the options.

Financing Options Include:

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A solar Power Purchase Agreement (commonly abbreviated to PPA) is one of the most common ways for homeowners to go solar because it allows you to eliminate the upfront cost of purchasing the actual solar panel system. With a PPA, you simply pay one monthly rate based on the clean electricity produced by your solar panels. Another big benefit to PPAs is that this rate is often lower than what the local utility charges for electricity over the course of the year.



Looking to reduce your long-term energy costs without making a significant up-front cash outlay? We offer solar leasing solutions tailored to your company’s specific financial objectives.


CASH OR LOAN For companies interested in owning a solar system, a cash purchase has a high return on investment and allows the business to take advantage of the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). If you are taking out a loan, EA has approved lending partners or can work with your existing lender.

Please contact American Sunergy for financing and installation solutions