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American Modules For Optimum Output

Superior Performance

EA modules feature all-weather module construction, unique cell architecture, and semiconductor uniformity enabled by proven processes and equipment.

  • Provides up to 50% better performance in shaded conditions compared to typical crystalline silicon modules

  • Creates lower than industry-average temperature coefficient and debris tolerance increases power output at high temperatures.

Energy America-USA based solar module manufacturer


Quality and Long-Term Reliability

High-volume commercial processing and proven glass-glass packaging provide a robust design for installation in diverse environments.

  • Requires 60% fewer process steps than traditional cell-based modules

  • Transcends the need for soldering, stringing, and tabbing; fully integrated modules create fewer potential failure points when compared to individual unit cells

  • 25-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year limited

Flawless Aesthetics And Usability 

EA modules’ design, black color, and virtually invisible cells provide smooth, uniform aesthetics.

  • User-friendly form factors reduce installation costs

  • Features up to 50% larger surface area than competing thin-film modules.